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The primary mission at 360 Protective Solutions is to function in the capacity of a strategic partner with our clients to provide an exceptional and professional level of construction security.


Construction Site Security Services

One of the primary concerns of any construction site manager is access, especially when the construction crew is not on the site. The primary mission at 360 Protective Solutions is to function in the capacity of a strategic partner with our clients to provide an exceptional and professional level of construction security. What creates the distinction between 360 Protective Solutions, and other construction site security companies is our specialized expertise in the industry as we provide individually tailored strategies based on the specific needs of our clients. We employ these strategies with precision and dedication to the security of the site.

The Strategy of Securing Construction Sites

Construction companies make up a significant amount of our client base and over time, we have developed a great deal of expertise working with them. An effective construction site security strategy begins long before the first security officer is placed onsite. Building a proper foundation based on the specific details and needs of the site in question is a prerequisite to successful strategy deployment. Because construction sites normally involve a significant amount of general traffic and sub-contractors, there is usually a lot of expensive equipment and material stored onsite, which can be quite tempting for criminals. Our guards use a vendor and visitor log-in system with a digital reporting technology to accurately record who goes in and out of the construction site. With this security measure in place, no equipment or material will be released without authorized written consent.

Our Promise to You

Our security guards are trained to be effective in evaluating a site upon arrival. This allows them to readily identify any particular security issues that need to be addressed. Additionally, in most cases, any overtime that may be accrued by the officer will not be passed on to you. We invest heavily in our personnel to ensure that they are properly trained and equipped. We understand that the effectiveness and dependability of our company greatly depends on them, and we treat them as such. This means that you will be able to depend on them as well. When you enter into a partnership with 360 Protective Solutions, you will find that you are receiving much more than a manned site. 

We pride ourselves in offering up to 24-hour construction security, seven days per week and we will help you consistently monitor the security needs of your site, making sure that any necessary adjustments are made promptly. Our goal at 360 Protective Solutions is to continue to lead the security industry in providing unparalleled security services and individualized programs to our clients at rates that are more than reasonable.

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